Presentation Overview

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Engineering community, we offer one-hour complimentary briefings on selected topics at various times throughout the year.

R2A offers, at selected time throughout the year, one-hour complimentary briefings on topics such as –

Safety Governance – ISO 31000 vs. so-far-as-is-reasonable-practicable

This remains contentious in many areas as most corporate RM systems are aligned with ISO 31000 and the notion of ‘acceptable’ risk criteria, whereas the legislation (WHS, environmental etc.) aligns with SFAIRP. The R2A solution to the issue is to continue to use the RM (ALARP) approach as a reporting tool but adopt the precaution based SFAIRP approach as the analysis tool. This means the existing organisation RM systems continue but that the technical RM process is defensible in court, if required.

Preventing Project Show Stoppers

R2A applies a standard military intelligence technique to ensure major projects arrive on time, to spec and to budget. It has never failed in 20 years. Successful projects include Class E Tram procurement, Eastlink and very many others.

Optimising Plant Efficiency and Effectiveness

R2A integrate top-down HPR (highly protected risk), functional vulnerability and bottom-up reliability modelling techniques to eliminate common mode and cause failures and optimise plant availability. This has been very successful and applied to water treatment plants, coal washing plans, power generation and gas production facilities.

We provide these sessions in a Boardroom environment with the extended project team or as a 1-1 coffee catch up with a senior executive. In all cases, we tailor the content as much as possible for the time allowed and provide relevant Industry insights.

If you would like to discuss your organisation’s suitability and R2A’s session availability, please contact Gaye Francis for further details.