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Course Overview

Richard Robinson presents the ‘Introduction to Due Diligence Risk Management’ Postgraduate Unit at Swinburne University. The aim of the course is to provide students with a broad understanding of risk management, including basic concepts and the suite of available techniques.

Richard Robinson presents the ‘Introduction to Risk and Due Diligence’ Postgraduate Unit at Swinburne University.

After successfully completing this unit, the students will be able to:

    • Understand fundamental risk and reliability concepts
    • Apply the safety, economic and legal drivers of risk management requirements
    • Comprehend different organisational risk paradigms and models
    • Recognise the liability and due diligence implications of risk managers, and how they relate to quantified risk management (QRA) techniques
    • Apply risk modelling and generative information gathering techniques
    • Apply the use of mathematics in risk and reliability analysis
    • Generate safety cases demonstrating due diligence and limiting legal liability
    • Apply both top-down and bottom-up risk management techniques – and when to use each
    • Apply risk and reliability concepts and knowledge
    • Identify and manage risk
    • Use skills in systems thinking
    • Work independently
    • Communicate effectively.


“I have been involved in risk management for seven years and undertook the unit ‘Introduction to Risk and Due Diligence’ towards the end of my grad dip RM. I actually think that risk professionals should do this unit earlier in their career development! Richard Robinson’s overview of risk techniques provides an invaluable explanation into ‘the big picture’ of risk management – much bigger than just ISO 31000. Not only that, it armed me with new approaches to identifying risks. I believe these will enable me to engage at a much deeper level with our organisational leaders. Highly recommended”
// Anthony Hinds, Risk Management Coordinator, Melton Shire Council

“I am writing to express how much I have enjoyed studying ‘Introduction to Risk and Due Diligence Unit’. The method of pre-cautionary based risk management truly opened a new door for me. I have been benefited not only from the knowledge learnt but also a new way of thinking – return to the original starting point and question the essences of the matter. This unit also covers a wide range of risk management techniques and philosophies. Highly recommended for any engineer or risk specialist in their early career development, as Richard’s teaching style avoids unnecessary jargons and he uses many real life examples. As well for experienced risk personnel who want some challenge in out-of-box thinking, then this unit should not be missed.”
// Carter Liu, Risk Management Specialist, Transportation Industry

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