Risk Engineering Body of Knowledge

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Engineers Australia with the support of the Risk Engineering Society have embarked on a project to develop a Risk Engineering Book of Knowledge (REBoK). Register to join the community. The first REBoK session, delivered by Warren Black, considered the domain of risk and risk engineering in the context risk management generally. It described the commonly available processes and the way … Read More

The Art of Communicating Engineering Judgement

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Tim Procter shares his experience as a graduate engineer developing engineering judgement and his approach to communicating this knowledge to various stakeholders. This article was originally published at Engineering Education Australia. As a graduate engineer (some years ago) moving from university to the workplace I was surprised to discover just how vast and varied engineering knowledge actually is. After completing … Read More

Swinburne 2016 Wrap-up

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The post-graduate course R2A presents at Swinburne became a core unit in 2016. Over 80 students enrolled in first semester. The course is based around the 2016 edition of the R2A Text. Presenters from R2A included Gaye Francis, Tim Procter, Richard Robinson and Adriaan den Dulk. The enrolment numbers were a step up from previous semesters, and the topics students chose … Read More

Precautionary Principle vs Precautionary Approach: What’s the Difference?

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One of the more interesting philosophical issues arising from the introduction of the model WHS legislation is the question of whether the precautionary principle incorporated in environmental legislation is congruent with the precautionary approach of the model WHS legislation. The precautionary principle is typically articulated as: If there are threats of serious or irreversible environmental damage, lack of full scientific … Read More

Edith Cowan

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Edith Cowan R2A were commissioned by Edith Cowan University 2012 to write a unit in the Masters of Occupation Health & Safety. The unit is known as Systems Safety and is available as a off and on campus modes. The R2A updated text is the significant resource for the unit and is referenced extensively in the course. R2A keeps in … Read More

R2A Short Courses

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R2A EEA Workshop   Engineering Due Diligence Workshop R2A is partnering with Engineering Education Australia (EEA) to deliver a two day Engineering Due Diligence workshop.  This workshop is based on the very successful Risk and Liability Management course presented by Richard Robinson over the last 10 years or so. Workshop Aim Provide decision-makers with tools to implement due-diligence proceses as … Read More

WH&S Workshops – Perth

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Work Health & Safety (OHS) Training Workshops – Perth The introduction of the new Work, Health & Safety Act in Western Australia is expected in late 2012/13. The WA parliament has completed drafting the bill for general industry and is seeking public comment. This legislation is expected to replace existing OHS legislation. The changes are such that most internal OHS … Read More

WH&S Workshops – Brisbane

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Work Health & Safety (OHS) Training Workshops – Brisbane The introduction of the new Work, Health & Safety Act earlier this year is presenting new challenges to the way safety and OHS is managed in Queensland. The new legislation replaced existing OHS legislation. The changes are such that most internal OHS systems wont comply with the new legislation. Does your … Read More

Risk Management Training

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Risk Management Training If you are looking for high quality and expert Risk Management training, then look no further than R2A. R2A provide risk management training through in house workshops and leading education providers. Here is what is on offer.   New Work Health & Safety Act The debut of the Work Health & Safety Act on 1st January 2012 … Read More