R2A has been published in reputable engineering magazines on the subject of engineering due diligence. Here are the most recent articles.

Engineers Australia November 2014

“Understanding the WHS dilemma: Don’t be a test case”

The underlying assumption in ‘The WHS dilemma for design engineers’ article is that ‘risk’ is a wholly scientific concept.

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R2A appears in BRW list

R2A appeared in the BRW Emerging Companies list for Risk Management Consultants.

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Engineers Australia May 2014

“Executive Engineer – Quarterly Supplement: Rise of the Precautionary Approach”

Arising from the earthquakes in New Zealand and Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, the use of precautionary approaches has gained momentum.

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Australian Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

“Operations Due Diligence”

With limited resources available for organisations to deliver sustained prosperity and safety there is a need to ensure assets and processes are being utilised efficiently and effectively.

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Engineers Australia January 2014

“Near Enough, Not Safe Enough”

One of the more peculiar ideas that has emanated from Standards Australia in recent times has been the notion that the essential safety requirement embodied in recent safety legislation in Australia, (SFAIRP) is equivalent to the concept of (ALARP).

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Engineers Australia January 2012

“Liability Risk: Engineering Implications of the Harmonised Safety Legislation”

The implications of the new model Work Health and Safety Act will forcefully change the way Australian businesses and governments operate.

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Infrastructure Australia April 2012

“Managing Bushfire Risk of Powerlines”

The Victorian Government recently accepted all the recommendations of the Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce with regard to powerline infrastructure and management in Victoria.

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Australasian Power Technologies Publication

“Implications of the WHS act relating to protection and earthing”

Richard Robinson published an article featured in the Australasian Power Technologies Publications.

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Industrial Electrix Magazine

“Legal Implications for Designers under the Engineers Australia Safety Case Guidelines”

Richard Robinson published an article featured in the Australasian Power Technologies Industrial Electrix Magazine.

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Safe Passage Publication

“Risk Appetite”

Gaye Francis published an article featured in the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute publication ‘Safe Passage’.

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R2A & Rotary Club of West Footscray Partnership

R2A was mentioned in the Rotary District 9800 newsletter regarding the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation with the Rotary Club of West Footscray.

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