Scientific Management and the AER

Tim ProcterEngineering Consultants

Scientific management appeared as a formalised concept in 1910. In its idealised form it involved observing workers performing tasks, identifying potential efficiencies that could be gained in time or effort, and implementing changes. This was followed, of course, by scientific management consultants invoicing businesses for these services. This approach (including the invoicing) seems to have been first implemented by Frederick … Read More

Regulators Put Cost Before Safety

Tim ProcterDue Diligence

A recent New York Times article presents a view as to what bought about the Grenfell tower fire disaster. It’s depressing reading, as it is clear that the hazards of associated with combustible cladding of aluminium-sheathed polyethylene and the like were a well-known fire hazard.

Engineering Coming Into Focus

Tim ProcterDue Diligence, Engineering Consultants

Doctor Iain McGilchrist will soon be in Australia to present to the 2017 Annual Conferences of Judges of the Federal and Supreme Courts of Australia. Dr McGilchrist is a psychiatrist and a former reader in English at Oxford University. Dr McGilchrist’s most recent book, The Master and His Emissary, has been discussed in an illustrated TED talk and is also … Read More

Engineering Due Diligence Workshop

Richard RobinsonDue Diligence

The learning method at the R2A-EEA public workshops follows a form of the Socratic ‘dialogue’. Typical risk issues and the reasons for their manifestation are articulated and exemplar solutions presented for consideration. The resulting discussion is found to be the best part for participants as they consider how such approaches might be used in their own organisation or projects. Current … Read More

Swinburne – Introduction to Risk and Due Diligence

Tim ProcterDue Diligence

R2A’s unit Introduction to Risk and Due Diligence at Swinburne University is now a core unit for two postgraduate Master courses, The Master of Professional Engineering and The Master of Construction and Infrastructure Management. With 140 students enrolled in the course, delivery has become a real team effort. The Master of Professional Engineering is designed to help students develop skills … Read More

Legal vs Engineered Due Diligence

Richard RobinsonDue Diligence

The rise of the model Work Health and Safety legislation, and the need for officers to demonstrate due diligence to ensure that their business has all reasonable practicable safety precautions in place, has been interpreted in different ways.

Precaution v Precaution

Richard RobinsonDue Diligence

One of the more interesting philosophical issues to emerge in the early 21st century is the relationship, as determined by our courts, between the precautionary principle as implemented in environmental legislation, and the precautionary approach as articulated in the harmonised Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation.