Client and Colleagues Event Details 2016

Richard RobinsonDue Diligence

Gaye and I are pleased to host the next R2A client and colleague event on 9th February 2016. We will be launching our updated 10th edition text as well as discussing the one of the first prosecutions under new nationally harmonised Work Heath & Safety Laws. BRETT MCKIE V MUNIR AL-HASANI & KENOSS CONTRACTORS PTY LTD (IN LIQ): What does this … Read More

Hazards Fester whilst Precautions Boil

Richard RobinsonDue Diligence

One of the most interesting aspects of the precautionary approach to safety risk is that innovation is encouraged, whilst with the hazard based approach using tolerable or acceptable risk levels, innovation falters and festers. The reason is simple. Having demonstrated that an acceptable target level of risk or safety has been achieved, annual safety reviews become a chest beating exercise … Read More

Racing Pigeon Airport Airspace Flight Controls

Gaye FrancisDue Diligence

One of the more interesting presentations at the recent (5th and 6th November) Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group’s conference was regarding concerns about racing pigeons and the desirability of keeping pigeon racing away from airports. An aircraft arriving at Brisbane airport had struck of flock of pigeons. They were only discovered to be racing pigeons when a metal foot ring, … Read More

Safety in Design – A Due Diligence Perspective

Gaye FrancisDue Diligence

Due diligence is a legal concept.  From the Concise Australian Legal Dictionary, due diligence is, a minimum standard of behaviour involving a system which provides against contravention of relevant regulatory provisions and adequate supervision ensuring that the system is properly carried out. The concept of due diligence has been captured in Corporations law, Environmental Law and now the model Work … Read More

Risk Management Standard Squabble

Gaye FrancisRisk Management Consulting

An interesting article in the European Commercial Risk Europe discusses the squabble between the use of ISO 31000 and the COSO ERM Cube shown below. COSO ERM Cube Essentially the point being made is that the failure to adopt a single approach creates confusion and loss of traction in the market place. From R2A’s perspective, this confusion was inevitable. The … Read More

Client and Colleagues Event Details 2015

Richard RobinsonDue Diligence

Gaye and I are pleased to host the next R2A client and colleague event on 10th February 2015. We will be launching our 10th edition text at the event as well as outlining the outlook for 2015 in light of recent publications such as the safety case guidelines. The 10th edition will include a new chapter on Sustainability Due Diligence … Read More

2014 The Year in Review

Gaye FrancisDue Diligence

It’s hard to believe that 2014 is coming to a close and 2015 is almost here.  As part of our end of year wrap up, here are some of the highlights that we would like to share with you.

The year started with drinks and canapes to launch the updated version of the 9th edition of the R2A text, Risk & Reliability: Engineering Due Diligence.  The event was well attended by industry colleagues and provided an overview of the general state of affairs in industry.

Richard and I will host a similar event on 10th February 2015 to launch the 10th edition of the text. The 10th edition will include a new chapter on Sustainability Due Diligence as well as expansion of our Project Due Diligence and Safety Due Diligence chapters.

We would love to see you there so pencil the date into your diaries. 

Have you ever wondered ‘What is engineering due diligence’ and what is it that ‘R2A does’?

Gaye FrancisDue Diligence

As due diligence engineers we often get asked what is engineering due diligence and what it is that we actually do at R2A. To be honest, this has been a really difficult question to answer.  Due diligence is a legal concept and often construed to only mean compliance in the engineering context which is not the case. Previously Richard has used throw away lines like ‘we align the laws of nature with the laws of man’  that is, ‘we make lawyers useful’. Although these are outcomes of what we do, they didn’t quite answer the question of ‘what engineering due diligence actually is’.