Why your team has a duty of care to show they’ve been duly diligent

Richard RobinsonDiligent Decision Making, Due Diligence, Risk Management

In October and November (2018), I presented due diligence concepts at four conferences: The Chemeca Conference in Queenstown, the ISPO (International Standard for maritime Pilot Organizations) conference in Brisbane, the Australian Airports Association conference in Brisbane (with Phil Shaw of Avisure) and the NZ Maritime Pilots conference in Wellington. The last had the greatest representation of overseas presenters. In particular, … Read More

2017: The Year in Review

Gaye FrancisEngineering Consultants

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close and 2018 is almost here. As part of our end of year wrap up, here are some of the highlights that we would like to share with you.

Should you attend the Engineering Due Diligence Workshop?

Richard RobinsonDue Diligence

An introduction to the concept of Engineering Due Diligence Engineering is the business of changing things, ostensibly for the better. The change aspect is not contentious. Who decides what’s ‘better’ is the primary source of mischief. In a free society, this responsibility is morally and primarily placed on the individual, subject always to the caveat that you shouldn’t damage your … Read More

Engineering: Ideas and Reality

Tim ProcterDue Diligence

Engineers play an integral role in bringing society’s wishes to fruition. As Engineers Australia’s monthly magazine create notes, we engineer ideas into reality. However, when we go about taking ideas and making them real we have responsibilities. We are obliged to consider the ideas’ risks as well as benefits. We must ensure that our engineering activities meet our society’s expectations, … Read More

Scientific Management and the AER

Tim ProcterEngineering Consultants

Scientific management appeared as a formalised concept in 1910. In its idealised form it involved observing workers performing tasks, identifying potential efficiencies that could be gained in time or effort, and implementing changes. This was followed, of course, by scientific management consultants invoicing businesses for these services. This approach (including the invoicing) seems to have been first implemented by Frederick … Read More

Engineering Due Diligence Workshop

Richard RobinsonDue Diligence

The learning method at the R2A-EEA public workshops follows a form of the Socratic ‘dialogue’. Typical risk issues and the reasons for their manifestation are articulated and exemplar solutions presented for consideration. The resulting discussion is found to be the best part for participants as they consider how such approaches might be used in their own organisation or projects. Current … Read More

Legal vs Engineered Due Diligence

Richard RobinsonDue Diligence

The rise of the model Work Health and Safety legislation, and the need for officers to demonstrate due diligence to ensure that their business has all reasonable practicable safety precautions in place, has been interpreted in different ways.

The Law and Engineering

Tim ProcterDue Diligence

The notion of engineering due diligence has expanded into Australian society, gradually displacing pure risk management as the ultimate aim of engineering decision-making. Numerous national and state-based laws have moved from mandating risk assessments to imposing specific duties to exercise due diligence, in health and safety, environmental protection and other areas. However, some standards and other non-mandated guidelines, regardless of … Read More

Engineering’s Golden Rule

Tim ProcterEngineering Consultants

The Golden Rule, or the rule of reciprocity, states that one should treat others as one would wish to be treated. It is an astonishingly widespread maxim, appearing in some form in virtually every major religion and belief system.

2016 The Year in Review

Tim ProcterConsulting

2016 is almost over, and a new year is fast approaching. R2A has had a great year. Below are some highlights we would like to share with you. In early 2016 we launched the 2016 update of the R2A text, Engineering Due Diligence, at our annual function. This included Richard’s discussion of one of the first prosecutions of an officer … Read More