The Law and Engineering

Tim ProcterDue Diligence

The notion of engineering due diligence has expanded into Australian society, gradually displacing pure risk management as the ultimate aim of engineering decision-making. Numerous national and state-based laws have moved from mandating risk assessments to imposing specific duties to exercise due diligence, in health and safety, environmental protection and other areas. However, some standards and other non-mandated guidelines, regardless of … Read More

Engineering’s Golden Rule

Tim ProcterEngineering Consultants

The Golden Rule, or the rule of reciprocity, states that one should treat others as one would wish to be treated. It is an astonishingly widespread maxim, appearing in some form in virtually every major religion and belief system.

R2A Event 2017 – Law As Engineering

Gaye FrancisConsulting

Law as Engineering, a recent publication by English legal academic (and former MP) Professor David Howarth of Cambridge University, documents a major change in legal philosophy. Professor Howarth notes that these days, approximately 80% of lawyers don’t litigate. Rather, they design social constructs such as contracts, companies and wills to facilitate their clients’ social needs. This is similar to how … Read More