Worse Case Scenario versus Risk & Combustible Cladding on Buildings

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Background The start of 2019 has seen much media attention to various incidents resulting from, arguably, negligent decision making. One such incident was the recent high-rise apartment building fire in Melbourne that resulted in hundreds of residents evacuated. The fire is believed to have started due to a discarded cigarette on a balcony and quickly spread five storeys. The Melbourne … Read More

Australian Standard 2885, Pipeline Safety & Recognised Good Practice

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Australian guidance for gas and liquid petroleum pipeline design guidance comes, to a large extent, from Australian Standard 2885. Amongst other things AS2885 Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum sets out a method for ensuring these pipelines are designed to be safe. Like many technical standards, AS2885 provides extensive and detailed instruction on its subject matter. Together, its six sub-titles … Read More

Risk Engineering Body of Knowledge

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Engineers Australia with the support of the Risk Engineering Society have embarked on a project to develop a Risk Engineering Book of Knowledge (REBoK). Register to join the community. The first REBoK session, delivered by Warren Black, considered the domain of risk and risk engineering in the context risk management generally. It described the commonly available processes and the way … Read More

Engineering As Law

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Both law and engineering are practical rather than theoretical activities in the sense that their ultimate purpose is to change the state of the world rather than to merely understand it. The lawyers focus on social change whilst the engineers focus on physical change. It is the power to cause change that creates the ethical concerns. Knowing does not have … Read More

Swinburne – Introduction to Risk and Due Diligence

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R2A’s unit Introduction to Risk and Due Diligence at Swinburne University is now a core unit for two postgraduate Master courses, The Master of Professional Engineering and The Master of Construction and Infrastructure Management. With 140 students enrolled in the course, delivery has become a real team effort. The Master of Professional Engineering is designed to help students develop skills … Read More

Powerline Bushfire Safety Committee

Gaye FrancisRisk Management Consulting

Gaye recently attended the second meeting of the Powerline Bushfire Safety Committee (PBSC) at Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). As set out in the Committee Charter, the purpose of the PBSC is to provide the Director of Energy Safety (DoES) with comprehensive expert advice to support ESV in its administration of the Electricity Safety (Bushfire Mitigation) Amendment Regulations 2016 (the regulations) … Read More

Risk vs Due Diligence: Why a Finnish community lobbied for a backyard reactor

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I was recently part of a panel discussion on electrical energy security and the role of nuclear energy in Australia for the Electrical Energy Society of Australia. The panel consisted of five industry experts covering topics on energy security, nuclear energy, and risk and policy determination. A question and answer session followed the presentations. The opening address was by Senator … Read More

Risk Management Standard Squabble

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An interesting article in the European Commercial Risk Europe discusses the squabble between the use of ISO 31000 and the COSO ERM Cube shown below. COSO ERM Cube Essentially the point being made is that the failure to adopt a single approach creates confusion and loss of traction in the market place. From R2A’s perspective, this confusion was inevitable. The … Read More

Apto PPE Launch

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Apto PPE is a new entrant into the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) wear marketplace.  We produce fit for purpose women’s work wear that is safe, comfortable and stylish.  Our workwear range can be worn from the boardroom to site with confidence.

We produce fit for purpose PPE clothing for women only, including a maternity range. Clothing that is purpose designed for safety, comfort and practicality, to wear on the job in industries including construction, engineering, factory work and mining.