Engineering Due Diligence, Melbourne

R2A is a team of qualified and experienced engineers in Melbourne who provide completely independent advice on critical risk issues. This ensures decisions are effective and meet safety and legal requirements.

Whether you require full due diligence or an expert assessment on your internal process, we are here to help you resolve the risk and safety issues that you cannot afford to go wrong, and then communicate the solutions clearly throughout your organisation.

If you want to align the laws of nature and man, ask an engineer.

R2A’s team of engineers independently assess and communicate critical risk issues in an engineering due diligence context for projects, safety, operations and sustainability.


R2A works across various industries with Government, public and private organisations in Aviation, Defence, Mining, Electricity, Gas, Rail, Road, Shipping & Water/Dams.


R2A is proud to partner with Engineering Education Australia to deliver a two-day workshop on Engineering Due Diligence.


Our team presents private briefings and workshops that details the tools and techniques available to engineer due diligence.


Case Studies
Read our Case Studies that detail various due diligence projects across different industry sectors.


White Papers
Over the years, R2A has written a number of White Papers on due diligence available for download.


Purchase our Engineering Due Diligence Textbook

First published in 1996, now in its 10th edition, Engineering Due Diligence is a 289 page resource detailing the concepts and applications of due diligence, risk and reliability theory.

With thousands of purchases over the years, it’s referred to by Senior Managers and Project Managers alike as a must-have resource for any organisation that undertakes due diligence.

Find out more and purchase.

R2A is sought by organisations in various sectors in Melbourne and across Australia to provide independent due diligence advice using engineering methodologies

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