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At R2A, we help companies manage credible on and off-site risks using a precautionary due diligence approach. For further information on what to do, please contact us.

Process industries are those where the primary production processes are either continuous or occur on a batch of materials that is indistinguishable.

Such industries include food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, ceramics, base metals, coal, plastics, rubber, textiles, tobacco, wood products and paper products, etc.

Our involvement with process industries has primarily been associated with major hazardous facilities – those which store, handle and/or process large quantities of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods including petroleum products. Our team has also worked in partnership with companies in the food and beverage sectors.

Process industries face an array of risks including fire, explosion and the release of hazardous chemicals. These are the key risks that the process industry has to mitigate. There are both on and offsite consequences of any of these risks eventuating, including safety and supply implications.

Project Overview // Safety Due Diligence Review – Multinet Gas

R2A completed a safety due diligence review for the Multinet Gas Network to ensure all reasonably practicable precautions were in place to reduce the threat to human safety resulting from Multinet Gas’ operations. The review considered impacts of Multinet Gas operations to the safety of the general public and employees including any contractors providing services. The outcome of the review formed the basis of the Formal Safety Assessment for Multinet Gas for the Regulator.


R2A was commissioned to complete a review of one of our plants to identify and establish critical items of plant and equipment, in relation to safety and business continuity. The review was completed in two parts, a safety review and an operability review. The process involved high levels of operator engagement and provided us with an operability model that considers failures, their impact and frequency per annum. This was an important outcome for our business and has provided solid platform for further improvement. We are very happy with the work R2A completed for Veolia and are pleased to recommend their consulting services.

Wayne Richards, General Manager Safety, Health, Environment & Quality – VIC – Veolia Environmental Services
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