Gaye Francis



Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical),
University of Melbourne, 1997


As a R2A Director, Gaye is involved in all aspects of the practice and oversees the consulting stream, helping clients to make systemic changes. Gaye has worked on numerous risk and due diligence projects across a range of industries including road, rail, marine, aviation, water and power. She is also one of the principle authors of the R2A Text, Engineering Due Diligence (now in its 10th edition).

Gaye Francis is an experienced risk and due diligence engineer and highly effective project manager, with a diverse range of project experience collected over 15 years of consulting activities with R2A. Gaye has worked with both private and government clients across a wide range of industries including road, rail, marine, mining, aviation and water.

As one of the Directors of R2A, Gaye’s key roles include:

  • Engineering due diligence and organisational risk control
  • Construction of due diligence arguments and risk and reliability based models for common law criteria
  • Preparation of safety case arguments demonstrating due diligence
  • Project due diligence for performance and delivery of major infrastructure projects
  • Workshop facilitation.
  • Member, Engineers Australia 2003
  • Committee member Victorian Women in Engineering (June 2009 – 2011)
  • Victorian representative National Women in Engineering Committee 2010 – 2011
  • Organising Committee 15th International Conference for Women Engineers & Scientists 2011 (ICWES15)
  • Co-chair Women in Engineering Victoria Committee, Feb 2007 – June 2008
  • Emerging Leaders pilot program, Engineers Australia, 2008
  • Committee member for the revision of the Safety Case Guidelines, Engineers Australia 2007
  • Chairperson Drafting Committee Safety Case Guidelines Engineers Australia, 2002
  • Committee member for the third revision of the Safety Case Guidelines, Engineers Australia 2014
  • Deputy Chair, Engineers Australia Women in Engineering Committee, 2010 – 2013
Port Hedland Pilotage Review & Safety Management System Development – Port Hedland Pilots

R2A completed a due diligence safety review for the provision of pilotage services at Port Hedland, Australia’s largest port in terms of tonnage. The outcomes were included in the Pilotage Operations Safety Management System (POSMS) for the port.

A generalised common law safety case approach was used to document that all statutory, regulatory and common-law requirements have been met. It consisted of a number of arguments that demonstrate that all reasonable practicable precautions are in place for all credible critical issues including grounding, collision and allision. Issues were identified on a zonal basis.

During the review on-site, a number of tasks were completed including a due diligence briefing to stakeholders and legal counsel, documentation review, observation of pilotage services, generative interviews and a final sign-off briefing and presentation.

Taupo Aerodrome Airspace Collision Risk Model Application – Civil Aviation Authority, New Zealand

As part of a larger aeronautical study by the Civil Aviation Authority, Gaye provided risk advice and modelling expertise into the safety implications of the different risk mitigation options for the Taupo aerodrome airspace.

The primary approach used was generative interviews. Generative interviews were completed with Taupo airport stakeholders including representatives from the commercial airlines, Airways, pilot training organisations, sky diving operators, helicopter operators, the Float Plane operator, charter service operators, the Taupo District Council as the airport owner, the Airport Operational and Safety Committee and the Airline Pilots Association.

Tram Procurement Project – Public Transport Victoria

Gaye was the nominated project manager for various risks, reliability and due diligence studies relating to the Tram Procurement & Support Infrastructure Project. The project was responsible for the procurement of fifty new, low floor trams as well as associated depot, power supply and infrastructure upgrade works.

Studies have involved a variety of stakeholders including the Government as the owner, the Franchisee operator and the safety regulator.

Options Review – Gladstone Area Water Board

Gaye was part of the R2A team engaged to assess the options being considered to address the critical infrastructure issues identified in R2A’s original Critical Asset Due Diligence Review report and subsequent maintenance issues identified by GHD.

The options were reviewed against project critical success factors including fit for purpose, design life, capital cost, whole of life cost, timing, operational and maintenance issues, safety, environment and social considerations during a workshop of key stakeholders.